ETM - A Way to Work

ETM International Tennis care holistically yet personalized all aspects of athlete we understand that is the sum of all of them providing the desired results.

Technical Training


  • Technical exercises and drills that improve all parts of the game: defence, attack and point construction.


  • Analysis and repetition exercises from all areas of the court to improve efficiency on all strokes.


  • Rally exercises to create a solid and consistent game and improve consistency and direction of the ball to the required zones/areas.


  • Closed-drill exercises to visualize the technique and work on the position of lower body and upper body.

Tactical Training


  • We teach our players successful tactics and game patterns according to their game style of play that will help expand their tactical knowledge.


  • We develop tennis players with a solid and effective game pattern while knowing when to be more aggressive  .


Physical Condition


Physical condition plays a fundamental role in tennis these days. Our training methods are based on:

  • aerobic and anaerobic conditioning

  • motor skill development

  • coordination

  • strength training

Our workouts take place on court, in the gym, at the beach or on the mountains.





Guided by a qualified sports nutrition, our diet is based on a variety of high quality fresh food, keeping in mind the consumption of the athlete and their competition schedule.
The diet is personalized to each athlete to maximize their physical potential.


Others aspects
Wet weather days
We always train even if the courts are affected by wet weather. We work on physical training, video analysis, individual and group discussion on tactical, technical or motivational aspects.

Our physiotherapist is qualified specialist on the tennis circuit and helps our players prevent and treat injuries. This service is optional.

Players can stay at a hotel or at a local family´s house.

Touristic Tours
ETM offers the service of tourist tours that can be contracted upon demand. This service is optional and can be requested by players as well as their family or friends.