ETM Training Plan

Catalonia is the perfect place to compete. All year long there are national tournaments, ITF Futures and tournaments that are organized by the Catalonian Federation.


For our athletes who want to reach their highest level of tennis

Morning Practice:

  • Technical skills for all strokes

  • Specific closed, semi-open and open drills exercises that helps players learn the tactical understanding of the game for players.

  • Rally based drills to gain consistency, control and confidence with their patterns/strokes

  • Serving drills

Afternoon Practice:

  • More semi-open and open (live ball) drills that focuses on a specific tactical theme of the session.

  • Different and appropriate tactical themes during point play to improve the player´s game variety.

  • Practice sets with other players

Physical Condition:

  • resistance

  • strength

  • agility

  • reaction – explosive work




The schedule could change on special occasions.

For boys and girls that are eager to learn and improve their level of tennis.


Time Schedule

Different times depending on the need of the player.

Please get in touch with us to get more information about this program


For hobby tennis players who want to improve their level of tennis and at the same time make the most of their stay combine tennis training with cultural visits of the area as well as Barcelona.

This program consists of individual or group training sessions, with the main objective of maximizing the game of the social player.

Physical condition to improve mobility, coordination and resistance - (this is optional)


Time Schedule

Flexible schedules, depending on the player´s needs.
Please get in touch with us to get more information about this program