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Albert Ramos Viñolas
1988 - Barcelona.
  • Professional player since 2005.

  • His spanish national ranking is top 10.

  • Top 100 in the world.

  • His best ATP ranking was 17 of the world in 2017.    

  • Quarterfinalist Roland Garros 2016

  • Championship ATP Bastad 2016

  • Finalist ATP Chengdú 2016

  • Finalist  ATP Sao Paolo   2017

  • Championship ATP Gstaad 2019

  • Finalist ATP Kitzbühel 2019

Pol Amoros Ramos
1998 - Barcelona.

Best Ranking RFET: 77

3 ATP points



Natalia Mora Ballo
2002 - Barcelona.

Best Ranking RFET: 115



Alex Blanchar Salva
2001 - Barcelona.

Best Ranking RFET: 125



Oscar Traviesa Mola
2001 - Barcelona.

Best Ranking RFET: 130


Pol Sanchez Viñas
2001- Barcelona
Best Ranking RFET: 135


Alex Rull Valls
2003- Barcelona
Best Ranking RFET: 254


Adrià Pratdepadua Casabell 
2003 - Barcelona.


Best Ranking RFET: 333


Oliwer Wierzbicki

Best Ranking RFET: 361




Jaco Constant-Glemas
1999 - England.


George Myers Millington
2000 - England.


Hugo Sole Prenafeta
2002 - Barcelona.

Best Ranking RFET: 702


Quim Lopez Vidal
2002 - Barcelona.


Coaches ETM

ETM International Tennis is a team with 15 coaches lead by José María Díaz. All of them with experience in the tennis world. A team that has all the requirements that a player needs: technical, tactical, physicological... But their main priority is to guide the kids as tennis players and human beings.

José María Díaz


RPT International Coach.

More than 20 years teaching in the tennis world.

Tennis director of several schools throughout the years, including Casino Argentona, Genera and currently the Tennis Club Mataró director.

Coach of national and international players of all categories and levels.

Currently Albert Ramos’s coach, ATP player whose best ranking was number 17 in 2016, since he was 9 years old.

He’s also training and running with, Noé Losmozos, a competition group with the aim of reaching its maximum tennis level.

Noé Losmozos Amorós


National and international’s players coach of all categories and levels.

More than 10 years involved in teaching tennis world.

Internationaly, he has worked in several countries such as the United States and England.

Nationally, he has worked in different tennis academies, especially located in Barcelona and surroundings.

He’s currently working at Tennis Club Mataró.

Since 2012,  he is in Albert Ramos’s technical team.

He’s also training and directing, with José María Díaz, a competition group with the aim of reaching its maximum tennis level.

In his days as a player, he got a full college scholarship to study and live in the United States for four years, where he got a Major in Communication Studies in Florida Institute of Technology.

Iker Arechabaleta
Personal Trainer 2012-2015 international tennis player Leonid Sheyngezikht.

Paddle Tennis 2013-2015Escola i Mataro. Mataro. Trainer highly competitive MFI Group.

2011-2015 School Tennis i Pàdel Mataro. Mataro. Physical Trainer School Competition.

2010 Casal summer / Campus Modernization CF Arenys de Mar. Arenys de Mar. Features: Organizer, coordinator and monitor. 2009 IES Les Corts. Barcelona. Secondary education institution. Features: traineeship as a teacher of physical education document.

2009 Arenys Futsal Club. Arenys de Mar. Club Futsal Functions: Sports Coordinator.


ETM International

E-mail: nlosmozos@escolatenismataro.com
Carrer del Tennis núm. 1
Urbanització Can Quirze
08304 Mataró

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Agent in United Kingdom

Mike Costa ( LTA Licensed). The Holbrook Club. E-mail: Sukimike61@gmail.com- Mobile: (after 4p.m): 07944775262

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